Pinellas County, FL Terrazzo Stain Removal

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The Terrazzo we find in our homes built in the 1950’s and 60’ is cement based and should be treated with care.

Acid base cleaners and foods: Spills of toilet bowl cleaner, lime away, muriatic acid, and mild acids like wine, citrus juice, vinegar will eat and etch the floor. If this happens by accident immediately wipe up excess, and flood with water and mop it.

Oils: Cooking oils, oil base products, spray on sunscreen, body lotions, plug in air freshener will stain the floors. Soak up spills and clean with soapy water.

Sand and abrasives: Use good sand catching door mats and shake them out often.
Stick felt pads under furniture and dining room chairs to prevent scratches and dull the floor.

Avoid harsh chemicals: Mop the floor with 1oz of non-sudsy ammonia or a PH neutral cleaner per gallon of water. Do not apply wax or other coatings on restored Terrazzo.

Organic and mineral stains: clean the area with a sponge and apply a poultice. Take three sheets of paper towels, soak with hydrogen peroxide and place on the stain until dry.

Professional buffing every year or two will extend the beauty of the diamond polished Terrazzo.

Terrazzo Floors - Pinellas County, FL  - Finish Line Floors, Inc.
Terrazzo Floors - Pinellas County, FL  - Finish Line Floors, Inc.
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