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Terrazzo Floors

Nothing makes as much difference in a home's appearance as a clean and newly refinished Terrazzo floor.

Easily maintained and inexpensively refinished after years of use, Terrazzo is a floor built to last a lifetime.

About Terrazzo

Terrazzo got its name from the terraces of fifteenth century Venice. Where the marble and mosaic workers were using leftover marble chips to create a natural and beautiful pavement.

In 1931, the Terrazzo and Mosaic Association set the standards for the Terrazzo we find in our homes today. Combining two parts marble chips and one part Portland cement, Terrazzo is poured over the foundation before the interior walls are in place. After pouring and pressing with rollers, Terrazzo is ground to an 80 grit finish. The final product is a continuous marble floor that is 5/8" thick and at least 70% marble.

Unlike most floors, Terrazzo can be refinished to a higher gloss than it had originally 50 years ago. Applications of acrylic finishes have been the standard means of sealing and finishing Terrazzo. Recently, honing and polishing with diamond abrasives have established new levels of gloss that reveal the natural beauty of the stone, creating a polished marble floor.

Terrazzo Repair - Pinellas County, FL  - Finish Line Floors, Inc.
Terrazzo Repair - Pinellas County, FL  - Finish Line Floors, Inc.
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