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The Process

Once the preparations are complete - grinding nails, patching holes, removing tile or sheet products - diamond abrasives of various types and coarseness are used.

The grinding process starts with an aggressive diamond, for cutting through wax, glue, stains and is followed by a series of finer diamond abrasives –making the scratches smaller and smaller until we can buff them out. These steps are done with water to minimize dust and the slurry is vacuumed off the floor with each pass.

After drying completely, the Terrazzo will be buffed and sealed in the process.


The recrystallized Terrazzo is easily maintained and will last 4 or 5 times longer then the acrylic finish. With professional periodic buffing, recrystallized Terrazzo will last many years.

Use good sand catching door mats, and shake them out often. Stick felt pads under furniture and dining room chairs, etc.

Damp mop with 2 - 3 oz. of vinegar or non-sudsy ammonia per gallon of water.

Do not apply wax or other coatings on recrystallized Terrazzo. Professional buffing, once each year or two, will extend the crystallized Terrazzo floor for many years to come.

Terrazzo restoration costs less than most carpets.

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